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Kitchens and Catering Equipment for Marquees

Temporary catering facilities for hire for marquee kitchens
Fire Suppression SystemFire Safe ConstructionExtraction CanopyGas InterlockIntegrated Services

Fire Suppression System

Mobile Canopies are supplied with automatic fire suppression as standard.

Fire Safe Construction

Canopies are constructed of steel. The rear panel incorporates a fire resistant core with a stainless steel surround. This provides a fire resistant barrier between catering equipment and the marquee wall fabric.

Extraction Canopy

All Mobile Canopies contain an extraction hood to remove excess heat, carbon monoxide and cooking odours from the marquee.

Gas Interlock

As a requirement of BS6173 Mobile Canopies contain a gas interlock system to ensure that the gas supply is automatically shut off in the event of a loss of ventilation.

Integrated Services

Canopies arrive with catering equipment pre-installed, and with integrated services allowing for an instant connection to mains services.

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