There are a lot of considerations to make before setting up a pop-up restaurant. We have listed a few things to take in to account if you are thinking of setting up a temporary catering facility.

1) Regulatory Compliance

Even though the kitchen will be temporary it must still meet with EHO and Health & Safety regulations. PKL is able to offer support in this area.

For more information on how PKL's kitchens comply with legislation, please click on the links below:

2) Equipment

Catering equipment plays a key role in any restaurant. PKL can ensure that you have high quality commercial catering equipment for your pop-up venture.

To view our complete range of catering equipment for hire, click here.

3) Location

Make sure that your location is both interesting and functional. Disused buildings, roof top venues, shopping centres, boats and old warehouses have all been used to host pop-up restaurants.

You may want to capitalise on the large footfall created by an event already happening in an area, by setting up a pop-up facility near to its location. You would obviously need to ensure that you have the relevant permissions from the landowner and authorities first though!

To view more information regarding ideas for locations please click here.

4) Be Innovative

Pop-up restaurants allow you to be creative and have proved an excellent way for companies to help raise brand awareness. The more creative you are, the more press coverage your restaurant may receive. Many pop-up restaurants are developed around a theme with a menu to match, while others are used by companies or chefs to try out new recipes and dishes.

To give you an idea as to how PKL can help with the design of your pop-up restaurant kitchen please click here.

5) Planning

As with any short-term event, planning is an essential part of the process. There are many different factors and considerations that will need coordinating. As the expert in this area, PKL can help with planning, installation and kitchen design issues. If needed we can visit your potential site to asses your requirements and help you to plan a kitchen that will best suit your operation.

To view a range of standard kitchen designs suitable for use in a pop-up restaurant click here. We can also offer bespoke kitchen designs, which are able to cater from just a few to a few thousand people in a single sitting.

6) Inform the Council

It is always best to involve the council at the earliest possible opportunity. Please do not forget that you will need to get your licenses organised early. They can offer helpful advice!!

7) Flexibility in Food Offer

It goes without saying that the quality of the food plays a huge importance in the success of the restaurant. In our experience, restaurants that have been able to achieve the most success are the ones that have reduced their menu (remember this will also save you money as it reduces potential food wastage and kitchen size!!).

8) Use of Creative Advertising

Many pop-up restaurants use creative and innovative strategies to advertise their existence. This can include heavy use of social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook or the formation of clubs (such as a supper club). Other pop-up ventures build their reputation with a series of events and rely solely on word-of-mouth to add to their exclusivity.

9) Services

Your site will need to have adequate services for power, water and waste. If you are unable to provide this then PKL can help to provide water and waste tanks, LPG Gas and generators. For more information regarding product features please click on the links below:

10) Delivery and Installation

Is your site accessible? How will you overcome issues regarding the delivery of temporary units, equipment and food? More importantly is it accessible to customers? PKL can complete a technical site survey and advise on any issues that may arise.

We own and operate our own transport fleet and employ our own team of installation engineers, ensuring that your kitchen is up and running with a minimum of fuss. In addition, we will maintain any equipment hired from us for the duration of your hire period.