The nature of pop-up restaurants means that they can be set up almost anywhere at any time, and can be built around or even as part of their location.  PKL has supplied kitchens to pop-up restaurants constructed at a wide range of locations throughout the UK, including disused buildings, old breweries, tram sheds, cafes, bars, galleries and shopping centres.

As pop-up restaurants are generally temporary installations, there is often a more inventive nature to their location, including rooftops, derelict buildings, boats, streets and even people's homes.

One location where we have witnessed increased popularity for pop-up restaurants recently is at festivals and other large public gatherings where companies are using temporary catering facilities as a means of brand extension. We are able to offer a range of brandable temporary units especially for this use.

If you need help deciding on a location, or if you have decided on a location but are looking for some further guidance developing your venture, we have produced a list of considerations for setting up a pop-up restaurant that you may find of use. Alternatively, if you already have an idea of the location for your restaurant, see how PKL can help you with kitchen specification by clicking here.

To view some recent case studies of pop-up restaurants that PKL has supplied temporary catering facilities to, please click here.