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Carbon Dioxide & Monoxide Testing

PKL tests Portable Kitchens and catering equipment as part of the commissioning and testing process to ensure a safe level of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide in accordance with BS7967.

Hygiene Stations

Kitchens are supplied with hygiene stations including sinks, handwash stations, towel and soap dispensers, and insectocutors.


Ventilation is supplied in accordance with industry guidance DW172 and BS6173. A gas interlock system is supplied, which stops gas from entering the facility in the event of a loss of ventilation. All installations are undertaken by a Gas Safe registered engineer.


The floors in PKL Portable Kitchens comply with BS7976 and achieve a friction coefficient of 36 or higher needed to achieve a "low slip potential". All units have a 5kN floor loading, ensuring minimum deflection and are solid underfoot, able to withstand the rigours of the commercial catering environment.

Fire Resistance

The wall behind all cooking appliances is stainless steel with 60mm Rockwool insulation providing a total of 60 minutes fire resistance.

Light Levels

All Portable Kitchens have LUX levels of between 300 - 500 to ensure a safe food preparation environment.

Structural Steel Construction

Kitchens are built utilising a robust steel frame construction.

Wall Construction

Walls consist of a composite sandwich wool panel comprising of an outer skin of plastisol PVC coated steel. The wall is internally lined with a powder coated foodsafe steel skin providing a wipe clean finish. The core of the panel and insulation is 60mm, forming a non-combustible CFC free finish. The absence of timber cavity panelling in the walls reduces the danger of infestation and decay.

Self Levelling Facilities

All units are equipped with extendable and adjustable levelling posts located on the corners of the unit. This ensures a level working environment, even where units have been sited on an uneven or sloping surface.

PKL is committed to providing a high quality temporary catering environment that is hygienic and compliant with health and safety legislation.

All of our temporary kitchens are provided with the following product features as standard. Hover over the circles to see the information.

Portable Kitchen Features